Product   Price
Rodents Bait Station 25b
Rodents Catcher Station 25b
KILLZONE Glue Trap 11.80b
PHAGO’ SURF ND - Disinfectant 90b
KILLZONE Glue Trap For Mice 3b
Mangust Snake Repellent 45b
Hand-Held Pesticide Sprayer 19.50b
Insect-Catcher Device (wall) 270b
Insect-Catcher Device (hanging) 270b
Advion Cockroach Gel 99b
Advion Cockroach Gel (1x tube) 29b
Advion Ant Gel 79b
Advion Ant Gel (1x tube) 32b
Rat Trap 18b
Humane Mouse Trap 27b
SYLVANIA T8 tube lamp 53.10b
metal wool 3b
Mosquito and fly catcher 55b
Fly and mosquito repellent 38b
Door protector 45b